Adam’s Story Part 2: What family means to me

Adams story part 2In part 2 of his story, Adam, who has been in foster care since he was 14, now in his twenties talks about his foster family and what he has achieved with their support. 

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Six years is a very long time. I travelled across Europe, I met the future King, I’ve graduated from university, I get to talk about all my life to others who really want to make a difference and I made great friends and memories…thanks to my new family.

Family is something I have never really comprehended. What is a family? Why do we have one? What is really the purpose of a Mum or Dad? Do you really need to see your grandparents every weekend?

Family is “a group consisting of two parents and their children living”. I live with a very kind, thoughtful and caring man. A family does not need to be related. A man who would lead me down a road very much created by his love, as much as my hard work. A family should be a group of people that love and care for each other.

My friends ask me, if I call him Dad and I say no. He is so much more than that. He is a mum and dad and a family wrapped into one. I do not know what family is but this great man is the closest I will ever get to it.

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