Adam’s story part 3: I would not be who I am without foster care and Ms Smith

Adams story part 3In part 3, the final part of his story, Adam, fostered from age 14, goes back years later to visit his former headteacher who broke the news to him that he was going into foster care.  

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I visited my old school three years after I left. It was astonishing. The wall was the same disgusting grey, they had still not fixed the sign, which I may or may not have broken three years previously. All my past was opened up and flashing before my eyes.

Then I saw the dragon. She was standing waiting for her next victim to step into the cave. However, age had told me she was no longer hunting hobbits; she was now hunting a promotion. At first, I tried to escape. Yet I was trapped between a gaggle of pre-pubescents and a steel pillar. You could say a rock and hard place. Going into a school being the only one with a blazer on, was never a great idea. The dragon saw me and in one foul swoop she flew over to me.

Embraced me.

In a hug.

Why was I being hugged by this scary woman? Oh yeah, she helped save my life. If she was not this brilliant, superb and caring woman. I would have been left to suffer the worst fate of them all. Nothing. Nothing would have happened. I would not be living this amazing and joyous life. I would not be writing this essay.

Ms Smith, gave me the platform to what I am today. I went back and visited Ms Smith again on my own terms. She loved this essay it made her laugh, cry and ponder what my life might have been like without foster care. I ask you to do the same.

I am confident, outgoing and greatly modest. I am not a boy stuck in the middle of a battlefield. I am a man walking through Flanders field, staring at the poppies wondering how I survived. I have everything I have ever wanted. Happiness. Belonging. Caring.

I would not be who I am without foster care and without Ms Smith.

Listen to Adam talking about being in foster care.