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Adopt with us

We are looking for adopters to make a real difference to a child’s life. Adopters provide a secure, loving home to a child or children for life. It’s one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding, things you can do.

The children

Children who need adoption can’t go back to their own homes for a variety of reasons. They’re likely to have had troubled early years and may have experienced trauma in their early years and may have been neglected or abused. They may feel rejected, angry and be lacking confidence or self-esteem. These feelings can make their behaviour quite challenging. Most of the children are of primary school age or younger and some will need extra support with their education. There are single children and groups of brothers and sisters.

What the children need

The children need stability and security for the rest of their childhood. And they need a family who they can turn to in their adult lives. They also need a family who appreciate that their birth parents may still be important to them and that some contact, direct or indirect, may be needed.

About you

In addition to the general qualities and experience needed for carers, as an adopter you must be able to make a commitment to a child for the rest of their childhood and beyond.

More information

For more detailed information on adoption and permanent fostering please read our guide to becoming an adoptive parent (PDF) which takes you through the steps to becoming an adoptive parent and has an easy to read question and answer section.

You can also contact our adoption team on 0800 174 833 or email Our experienced social workers are ready to take your call.

Please see information on Intercountry adoption if you are living in Edinburgh and interested in adopting a child from abroad.