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Children waiting for adoption

Listed below are some sample profiles of the range of children who are waiting for adoption. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch today.

Josie, age 2

Josie is almost 3 years of age and is a smiley and affectionate little girl who has a Josie, age 3lovely nature and is curious about everything around her. She is a lively girl who loves to climb and play on her bouncy castle. She loves water and relishes being in the bath or the swimming pool. She is drawn to bright colours and loves music and dancing. Josie has been with her foster carers since she was born and has developed a close bond with them. 

Malcolm, age 4

Malcolm, age 4Malcolm is 4 years of age and is a happy and contented little boy who is full of smiles and giggles. He can be kind, helpful and easily makes friends. He is described as an energetic boy who has very good ball skills and has the potential to be very good at sports. Malcolm can be very socially engaging and friendly and likes listening to stories. He also likes a lot of stimulation and loves when the foster home is busy. Although at times, he needs a lot of help to stop him from running up to strangers and giving hugs.  

Nick, age 4

Nick,age 4

Nick is 4 years of age and has blue eyes and blonde hair. He is a sturdy boy who loves to play football and showing off his skills. He is described by his foster carers as a pleasure to care for. He’s funny, happy and active. Nick has been with his carers for 2 years and has made progress in all areas of his development and is gradually building up good attachments with his foster family. Nick attends nursery and his teacher describes him as lovely, caring and confident little boy who is curious and full of wonder. .

Andrew, age 5

Andrew, age 5

Andrew is 5 years of age and is described as a very happy and cheerful little boy who is always smiling and excited to see people. He loves one to one attention and playing with other children of all ages. Andrew is very active and enjoys a lot of physical play and despite having a slight eye condition it does not impact on his ability to play with his friends.  Andrew’s early life was characterised by significant neglect and he often witnessed domestic violence. 

Could you be the forever family for one of these  children waiting for adoption? Find out more about adopting or download an information pack.

(To protect confidentiality, all names have been changed and stock photos used for illustrative purposes.)