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Children waiting for adoption

Read some sample profiles of the range of children who are waiting for adoption. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch today.

Frankie, age 13 months

Frankie is 13 months old and has been in foster care since he was born. Frankie is described by his foster carer as a lively, sociable baby who is easy going and a joy to care for. He loves to be outside and enjoys walks in the buggy. He has a ready smile  and loves interacting with others. In Frankie’s family there is a history of learning disability and he spent time in hospital as a young baby because of concerns around his breathing.

Albert, age 16 months

Albert is 16 months old and was born premature. He remained in hospital for two weeks after his birth as a result of being born with neonatal abstinence syndrome. His foster carer has cared for Albert since he was ten weeks old and describes him as a happy smiley little boy who is very attached to her. Albert loves music, dancing and listening to stories. He loves the company of other children and is very playful once he’s comfortable.

Robert and Shirley, age 6 and 3

Robert and Shirley are brother and sister, aged 6 and 3 who need to be adopted together. Robert and Shirley have been with their current foster carer for two and a half years. They are described by their carer as lovely children who are very rewarding to care for. When the children were first placed with their carer, they were not meeting their developmental milestones. However they are now responding well to routine, structure and stability and have made significant progress and are happy and confident children.

Roger, age 5

Roger is 5 years old and has been living with his foster carer for two years. He is described as a little boy who has tremendous capacity for imaginary play. He enjoys swimming and playing ball. He likes being outdoors, playing on his scooter and tractor.

Roger has a close relationship with his foster carer and accepts her boundaries and routines. He is a little boy who likes to please and responds well to praise.

Could you be the forever family for one of these  children waiting for adoption? Find out more about adopting or download an information pack.

(To protect confidentiality, all names have been changed.)