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Children waiting for adoption

These profiles are used to represent the types of children requiring adoption and are for demonstration purposes only and are not real children.

Nancy and Elizabeth, ages 5 and 3

Adopt Elizabeth and NancyNancy 5 and Elizabeth 3 are sisters who have a strong bond and need to be adopted together.

Their parents were very young when they had the girls and struggled to care for them. They had a chaotic lifestyle which resulted in the children being neglected. Their parents’ lives were characterised by drug use and domestic abuse. Elizabeth is full of fun and energy and has a good sense of humour. She makes everyone around her smile. Elizabeth is physically able for her age and is good at climbing. Read more about Nancy and Elizabeth...

Josie, age 2

Josie is almost 3 years of age and is a smiley and affectionate little girl who has a Josie, age 3lovely nature and is curious about everything around her. She is a lively girl who loves to climb and play on her bouncy castle. She loves water and relishes being in the bath or the swimming pool. She is drawn to bright colours and loves music and dancing. Josie has been with her foster carers since she was born and has developed a close bond with them. Read more about Josie…

James, age 4

Adopt James

James is 4 years old and is a happy, fun child, with a good sense of humour. His foster carers say he is rewarding to care for and loves playing in the garden. James spent the first year of his life living at home. His parents were unable to look after him because of drug addiction and were subsequently unable to prioritise his needs. James then went to live with his granny, but she became ill and couldn’t look after him. When James first came into foster care he was unable to sleep well and found it hard to settle. He often woke in the night and found it hard to accept nurturing care from his foster parents. It has taken a while for James to allow his carers to comfort him if he hurts himself and to accept cuddles. Read more about James…

Paul, age 4

Nick,age 4

Paul is 4 and a half years old and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is small for his age and has some mild allergies. Paul is a healthy and robust little boy, who is rarely sick. He is developmentally behind his peers but is making good progress since being cared for by his foster carers.  Paul has two siblings and it is important that they maintain a relationship with each other throughout their childhoods. Paul’s foster carer says he is easier to care for since he and his sibling no longer live together, due to their competing needs. Read more about Paul…

Karen, age 14 months 

Adopt KarenKaren is 14 months old and is one of a large sibling group, who are all living separately, either with adoptive parents or kinship relatives. Karen is a lively and sociable baby who is described by her foster carer as easy going and a joy to care for. She is smiley and loves being around other children.  Read more about Karen…

Tom and Frankie, ages 5 and 3

Tom and Frankie are lively, fun loving brothers, aged 5 and 3 years old, who need to be adopted together. Both boys appear to be healthy, but there are concerns that Tom may have a slight learning disability. Before the boys came into foster care, they were left to care for themselves and were unused to good care from the adults around them. Read more about Tom and Frankie…



Could you be the forever family for one of these  children waiting for adoption? Find out more about adopting or download an information pack?

(To protect confidentiality, all names have been changed and stock photos used.)