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Children awaiting adoption

Listed below are some sample profiles of the range of children who are waiting for adoption. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch today.

Philip is 4 ½ years old and has a bright smile. He is a very active boy who loves running about, kicking a football, or playing on his scooter.  He likes special time with one person.  He is a very healthy boy with no known medical conditions or organic learning difficulties and is meeting his developmental milestones.

Philip continues to need support socially and emotionally due to his early life experiences and entry into school has been deferred by a year in order to allow his developmental needs to be built on further.

Philip enjoys being with other children and prefers to live in a home where other children are present. He needs adopters who are able to match his energy and show patience, whilst being aware of clear boundaries around him.

Philip has an older brother and it is envisaged there may be direct contact for the boys after adoption. He also has a grandparent and it is likely he will have contact in some form.

Felix is a 10 month old boy, who has been with foster carers since being discharged from hospital after birth.  Felix returned to hospital with bronchiolitis, when he was three weeks old.  This left him susceptible to coughs and wheeziness. He is showing signs of developmental delay and possible epilepsy. This is currently being investigated and it is uncertain what his developmental trajectory will be.

Felix’s birth mother has a learning difficulty and comes from a chaotic family background, experiencing physical abuse and witnessing domestic violence as a child. Felix’s birth father has had no ongoing involvement. He has a history of criminality and heroin use.

Felix requires an adoptive family who are able to accept his developmental delay and the uncertainty about his long term needs. A loving, stable and nurturing environment will enable him to reach his full potential, whatever that may be.

Summer is a seven month old little girl who has lived with her current foster carers since birth. She was born four weeks early with no complications and remained in post-natal care for five days. Summer was exposed to alcohol misuse in-utero. Her birth parents have a background of substance misuse, mental health issues, chaotic lifestyle and domestic abuse. Given the level of alcohol use during pregnancy, there is a risk of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome or Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, although it is too early to diagnose. Summer is currently meeting all developmental milestones, and will be subject to review and monitoring.

Summer needs an adoptive family who will provide a high standard of skilled and devoted parenting which may involve accessing additional health and therapeutic interventions throughout her childhood and beyond.