Caring for Children from Black and Minority Ethnic Backgrounds

City of Edinburgh Council’s Family Based Care offers in-house training on caring for children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The training is open to all Foster with Edinburgh carers.  In this blog, carer Jess, who recently attended, shares her experience  of attending the course.

‘I went along to the recent BME training because when I started fostering my worker recommended it as a good course to do early on. Because we’ve not looked after a BME child yet I wasn’t sure how relevant I’d find it, but it was helpful and I’m glad I went.

There was a useful discussion about some of the words we use to describe different people e.g. Oriental, mixed race, junkie, coloured. Sometimes I’m not 100% sure which are the right words and which might offend. This was a good opportunity to be open and to get some clarity on terminology! There were also some thought provoking discussions around how to handle potentially tricky situations that can arise when looking after a BME child (e.g. related to dietary differences, language, helping children connect to their heritage, etc.). This also got me thinking about how I can be more sensitive to the culture and background story of the white Scottish child we currently look after.

There was a friendly, relaxed feeling to the training and I’d recommend it.’

The next training courses on caring for BME children will run on Thursday 25th April 2019 and Wednesday 23rd October 2019. Any Foster with Edinburgh carers interested in attending should contact  their  social worker in the first instance.