Craig’s story

James*is 10 years of age. He likes being out, enjoying walks, going to community clubs, swings, playing catch with a ball, strumming the guitar, with his favourite thing being balloons. He attends Oaklands Special School.

James ’s diagnosis is global developmental delay, right-sided haemoplegia, hydrocephalus and epilepsy. James has limited mobility but recently has made progress managing stairs with support. He uses a wheel chair when outside. James is non verbal but has begun to use PECS symbols.

James  has lived at home since birth where his mother cared for him alone. James ’s mother has worked hard to maintain him at home. However, in February 2012 James ’s behaviour changed significantly and he became difficult for his mother to care for ie hitting himself and others, biting his hand, not eating, banging his head off the wall and floor. Additional supports were put in but not enough to sustain James at home and on the 8th of June James moved to Hillview Children’s Unit. He has been at Hillview five nights a week since then, going home to his mother for the other two nights. James also continues to attend Seaview Respite Unit, a service which he received prior to the recent difficulties James has recently had input from BIBSS and CAMH Learning Disability intensive support team.

On going to Hillview James ’s distressed behaviour has settled including his eating, which is appropriate again. There were problems with James ’s sleep pattern with him waking in the night and being distressed but this has lessened significantly. now requires a foster placement where the progress he has made at Hillview can continue.

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*names have been anonymised  to protect confidentiality.