A positive male role model

Foster carer Colin tells us his story.

I was a befriender for four years and I’m now a full-time foster carer. Over the past seven years I’ve fostered 12 children and I’m currently the carer of two boys, aged 13 and 15. I don’t provide the traditional family environment but this is still a home and together we act as a family.

Before fostering, I ran my own marketing company. I used to get a big buzz out of going to London, making a pitch and winning new business. But watching one of the boys playing football and beating the other team 9-0 is a much bigger buzz because it’s something that’s real.

A lot of kids don’t have men in their lives and I think male carers can offer contact with a guy who can act as a positive role model. It’s about going along to watch them play football and making sure they do their homework and, if you give kids boundaries, you’ll see them do so well and that is tremendously satisfying.