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Day care

Day care involves looking after a child or children for a few hours on agreed days, in the day carer’s own home.

The children

Day care is provided by local carers for local families. The children are under eight and mostly pre-nursery ages and their families need some help looking after them on a daily basis. The children will have experienced problems at home due to their parents’ health or lifestyle.

What the children need

The children need care during the day in the carer’s own home. They need help learning to play, read and draw. They need to explore new activities and learn about the world. They also need the chance to meet other children, go to toddlers groups and do everyday activities. Some of the children need speech therapy and physiotherapy to meet their additional needs. Day carers often help young parents with advice and support.

About you

In addition to the general qualities and experience needed for carers, day carers must be registered childminders. See for details on registering as a childminder in Scotland.

We would be especially interested in hearing from you if you can provide both day care and respite foster care.