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Carer allowances and fees

To recognise the important and professional role that carers provide we offer competitive pay. Carers receive both an allowance and a fee for each and every child they look after. Here is an excerpt from the carers payment leaflet which contains full details of carer payments. Email for more information about carer payments.

Foster Allowances (per child, per week)
Age Range Total Clothing Pocket Money Maintenance

In addition to the above allowances, four extra weeks are paid. Winter Holiday allowances (equivalent to one week’s standard allowance) are paid on 27th November; Summer Holiday allowances (equivalent to two weeks’ standard allowances) are paid on 1st May. Birthday allowances (equivalent to one week’s standard allowance) are paid on the day of the child’s birthday.

Foster Fees (per child, per week)
Age Range Weekly Fee
0-11 £164.17
12+ £224.53
Specialist and Disability £410.45


Befrienders are paid a fee of £8.00 per hour, for session times agreed.

As Edinburgh is a placing agency, our carers have less time between placements than other agencies, therefore, overall, our carers have an opportunity to earn more.