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Steps to becoming a carer

Chat by phone

When you first contact us, we’ll check that you’ve got all the information about our services.

We’ll then arrange to come and visit you.

Initial home visit

We’ll visit you at your home. We then produce a written report called an initial enquiry report. This report is shared with you and a recommendation is made as to whether or not a place will be offered on the preparation course.


Preparation group

Once you’ve attended the preparation group, you are allocated a social worker to undertake an individual/family assessment – known as the home study – with you.


Home study assessment

This consists of visits to you and your referees as well as necessary checks. The home study also collects evidence of your abilities to meet the main skill areas.

Couple on sofa

A report based on the information gained through the assessment and preparation process is compiled and signed by you and the assessing social worker.

A Fostering Panel makes a recommendation on whether or not you should be approved and if so for what gender, age and number of children.  The recommendation is forwarded to the Service Manager who endorses the recommendation or refers it back for further information.

Panel approval and registration

Please download our detailed pack for further information on the assessment process.


We need to make sure that our carers homes are suitable and safe. To do this we carry out health and safety checks. This also allows us to see if you require any additional equipment, which we can sometimes help with.

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