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How we support you

Here at the City of Edinburgh Council we know that successful placements depend on the support we provide to our foster carers. We tailor our support to each foster carer and child depending on what is needed at that time. Every foster carer is allocated their own social worker, who in turn works very closely with the foster children’s social workers to ensure the best possible support.

The ongoing support we provide to all our carers includes:

  • competitive fees and allowances
  • 3 weeks paid holiday per year
  • 28 day retainer fee each time you don’t have a placement
  • working with your social worker to identify training opportunities to develop your skills and specialist interests
  • regular contact with your own social worker
  • support groups with other local foster carers
  • tailored family events and social evenings for foster carers
  • a variety of support groups for your birth children
  • the Out of Hours Social Care Service which provides out of hours support and advice.

Support groups

Support groups meet to discuss and examine issues that arise whilst looking after children. They also provide an opportunity for you to develop your skills and knowledge. Liaison social workers and carers attend these groups, which occasionally feature guest speakers and short presentations.

Support group

Carers generally find it useful to be part of a group where everyone can appreciate the difficulties and rewards of looking after other people’s children. Support can be practical, it can include advice and often involves emotional support, particularly if you are experiencing a demanding period with a child in your care. It can also be a useful opportunity for carers and social workers to identify needs for further group training.