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Transfer to us

Already a carer with another agency? Interested in becoming a carer with the City of Edinburgh Council?

Get in touch today!

Watch the video below to hear about the benefits of transferring to the City of Edinburgh Council from one of our carers who did just that.

We will offer you a priority service and a short transfer.

We have children of all ages who need care, so whatever your age remit, we will have children for you.

A carer recently transferred to us from another agency. The child the family cared for was a City of Edinburgh Council child so the process was easy with no disruption for the young person. Their main reason for transferring was to care for more children, including siblings who would be able to share a bedroom, not allowed by their previous agency.

The advantages of transferring to the City of Edinburgh Council are:

  • Quick transfer
  • 24/7 support
  • Variety of support groups for carers of children aged 10+
  • Regular training and support
  • Development groups
  • Regular family and carer events.

Get in touch today, call 0800 174 833