Free yoga sessions have calming effect on foster carers

Foster with Edinburgh carers enjoying yoga

A group of Foster with Edinburgh carers recently  took part in free yoga sessions at Calm yoga studio. The sessions are a fantastic way of supporting carers and the aim is to run the classes after the summer break.

Sanne Nielsen-Hancock from the Foster Care team tells the  full story…

“We were offered a really exciting and wonderful opportunity for our foster carers to attend free weekly yoga sessions at Calm on Canning Street. In her previous career, Katy, who owns Calm at Canning Street Yoga, worked with local authority foster carers and has a particular interest in supporting foster carers to cope with the demands of the fostering role. The sessions are held in the newly refurbished studio, a calm and beautiful space, where we hope our foster carers will be supported to de-stress and connect with themselves in a gentle and mindful way. The first class was fully booked and went very well with foster carers saying they felt relaxed, pampered and wonderfully stretched after the class. We will run another two classes before the summer break, both of which are fully booked, and we hope to continue running the classes on a weekly basis after the summer break. For more information, or if you would like your name to be added to the waiting list please contact me at

      Calm yoga studio