How we support you

There are four important types of support that we offer our carers:

Liaison social worker

Every carer, once approved, has a liaison social worker. They work with you to identify appropriate families who require support – ‘matching’. Matching is very important so that the placement provided is the most suitable to meet the child’s needs and you have all the information you need to care for the child, and have access to specialist advice where necessary.

Once the matching process is complete and you are working with the child, the liaison social worker has an ongoing supporting role. This includes providing practical and emotional support and keeping in regular contact with you. The liaison social worker will also help you identify training and support needs on an ongoing basis.

Carers’ support groups

After you have been approved as a carer, you are offered a place at a carers’ support group. These groups meet monthly to discuss and examine issues that arise whilst looking after children. They also provide an opportunity for you to develop your skills and knowledge. Liaison social workers and carers attend these groups, which occasionally feature guest speakers and short presentations.

Support group

Generally, carers find it valuable to be part of a group of carers where everyone can appreciate the difficulties and rewards of looking after other people’s children. Support can be practical, it can include advice and it often involves emotional support – particularly if you are experiencing a demanding period with the child in your care. It can also be a useful opportunity for carers and social workers to identify needs for further group training.

The Emergency Social Work Service

The ESWS operate outwith normal office hours and can provide practical and emotional support if you are having problems with a child when your liaison social worker is unavailable.


The City of Edinburgh Council has developed a carer training programme and is committed to the continued development of our carers.

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