It’s Foster Care Fortnight – we need foster carers

Foster Care Fortnight 21

Over the next two weeks, we will be supporting the annual Foster Care Fortnight awareness campaign by joining in the effort to recruit foster carers for the children in Edinburgh who urgently need foster carers who can provide safe and happy homes where they can thrive and grow up to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about fostering or you may know someone you think would make a great foster carer.

If you have energy, patience and a sense of humour and are interested in working with children, a career in fostering might be exactly what you are looking for.

Foster with Edinburgh urgently needs more foster carers for children of all ages in Edinburgh.

As a Foster with Edinburgh carer you become part of the team around your foster child and help in caring, planning, and supporting the child’s future.

Our foster carers benefit from a support package which includes training, in-depth preparation groups and allowances.

We offer a number of care options, each tailored to fit in with the needs of the children, their families and our foster carers. This includes temporary and permanent fostering and short breaks care as well as specialist fostering for children with a higher level of need.

Many people think about fostering but don’t take the next step as they don’t think they can become foster carers. However, our foster carers come from all sorts of backgrounds with each carer bringing their own unique experience to the role. There are some common myths about who can and can’t become a foster carer.

To become a foster carer with us:

  • You don’t have to be married – you can be single, living with someone, or be in a same sex relationship
  • You don’t need a spare room to foster a child from birth to two
  • You don’t have to own the house or flat you live in
  • You don’t have to come from a certain ethnic background

So, if you think you could be a foster carer, why not take the next step and find out more. Call us on 0800 174 833 or find out more about fostering with us.