What our Foster Families Say about Fostering – Carla

Be inspired by  recordings of some of our foster care family members who wanted to share their experiences of fostering during Foster Care Fortnight.

Carla age 9,  part of a foster family

When I find out I’m going to have a new foster brother or sister I get really happy because I’m really excited to meet someone new and they are going to be part of my life….

…it’s fun  to have other people in your life and then being able to be there and how you help other children.

Carla is proud that her mum is a foster carer and that she loves being part of foster family . She talks about what it’s like to have foster sisters and brothers.  Listen to Carla..

Listen to more of our foster family members…

Adam (in foster came since age 14)

Craig  (former bus driver, now foster carer)

Sarah (mother of 4 and foster carer)