What Our Foster Families Say about Fostering…Sarah

Be inspired by  recordings of some of our foster care family members who wanted to share their experiences of fostering during Foster Care Fortnight.

Sarah, mother of 4, foster carer for nearly 6 years to over 17 children 

I wanted make life a little bit better for children a bit less fortunate than my own children.

You just need to be able to love, to share, just to bring them into your home and make them part of your family. As soon as they walk through your door they are  part of your family…

Sarah talks about  why she fosters,  the qualities needed to be a foster carer and  its many rewards. Listen to Sarah 

Listen to more of our foster family members…

Adam (in foster came since age 14)

Craig  (former bus driver, now foster carer)

Carla (age 9, Carla’s mum is a foster carer)