About the children

What the children may have experienced

Adversities in utero

Some children’s mothers may have consumed alcohol and or taken illicit or prescribed drugs during pregnancy.  The impact on the child in utero will differ, some children are affected more than others depending on the frequency, quantity and type of substances used. 

Babies can be born experiencing withdrawal symptoms and can require an extended stay in hospital. When discharged they need experienced carers who can respond to their additional needs. 

The impact of adversity in utero can be lifelong with children experiencing health and physical problems and developmental delay.


Some children’s parents misuse substances, and/or have poor mental health and/or are in violent/abusive relationships which prevent them from providing basic care and a safe, predictable, and nurturing home. 

Children who have experienced neglect can find it difficult to trust adults and their world.  


Some children will have experienced physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse. 

Children who have experienced trauma can find it difficult to trust adults and their world.

Separation and loss

Children who have been removed from parental care will experience separation and loss. They can lose contact with everything and everyone familiar to them.  They may be separated from their brothers and sisters.  The grieving process for them is complex.