How to make a complaint – the social work complaints process

All foster carers have the right to complain about the service that they are offered or if they feel they have not been treated fairly. Complaints can be a helpful way of recognising gaps in services and help to maintain a high-quality service. Comments, complaints, and issues should, wherever possible, be resolved in discussion between yourself and your FBC social worker. If that is not possible, a meeting can be arranged with their line manager or a more senior manager. If you are unhappy with the response or feel unable to approach staff directly, you can email or telephone the Social Work Advice and Complaints Service on 0131 553 8395.  

The Care Inspectorate registers and inspects fostering services and a direct complaint can be made to them. It is not required that you go through the local authority complaints procedure first, but it is preferable. 

A complaint can also be made to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, however, you are required to use the Council’s complaints procedure first. The Ombudsman should be contacted within 12 months of the date that problem you are complaining about first occurred. In special circumstances, the ombudsman may be prepared to deal with matters out with this period.