Foster carers stories

Sharon’s story: Working part-time and being a carer

Sharon* is a single short breaks foster carer who still works part-time. She had been thinking about becoming a foster carer for many years, but did not have room until her children left home. Sharon loves working and fostering and is delighted she can do both. She supports children in her community who stay with foster carers.

Sharon says:

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and helpful social worker. As I work, I find attending face-to-face training a bit difficult, but am able to attend online training which I really enjoy.

Before committing to look after a child, Sharon gets information about their needs and meets them and their families.

She says:

I see my role as following the child’s plan to help them be as independent as possible and to have fun. I do like it when I can offer support to a family and, at the same time, have fun with the children and my grandchildren who learn how to understand other children.’

Sharon thinks any issues have been resolved due to everyone working together: ‘We’re all delighted when Jade learns new life skills which help her become more independent as a result of us all working together to support her in a consistent way.’

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*names have been change to protect privacy.